Spiritual Mentoring

I recognize we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and I believe it is important to listen to the needs of the soul and spirit as well as the experiences of our human journey.

Each person’s journey is profoundly unique and sacred, and I provide transformative processes to support you on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

My approach is client centered. I believe that each person contains the answers they are looking for within themselves and given the right environment and support they can be empowered to live from the inside-out.

Spiritual Mentoring invites us into a holistic response to life.

As we come to understand and embrace the mind-body-spirit connection, we discover how to be fully alive and journey home to our Essence. It is through facing our shadow, embracing our gifts, and living out our light, that we nurture and deepen our relationship to Spirit.

As a Spiritual Mentor I support you on your Spiritual journey by utilizing a variety of different techniques and tools to help you:

  • address thought processes, feelings and behaviours
  • understand inner conflicts
  • find new ways to deal with, and alleviate stress
  • sustain and maintain well-being in everyday living
  • listen to your body wisdom
  • connect with your Source and nurture this connection in life-giving ways
  • become aware of energy

I work with individuals in addressing what is most important to them spiritually.

Each mentee is an active participant in their Spiritual journey

“My intention is to help you come home to who you really are. I encourage and support you to become your own best friend by befriending and honouring all parts of you. I do this through facilitating and supporting you to access and listen to your own wisdom, as well as, teach you how to do this. I empower you to own your gifts and strengths and to celebrate these. I provide a safe, honouring space and energy for you to do your healing work in. I empower you to notice energy and to learn different tools and techniques to help your energetic being on a daily basis.”                ~ Joanne Morgan