(TLC: Transformational Life Coaching)

Transformational Life Coaching

As a Transformational Life Coaching Client, you’ll experience and receive:

  • Masterful Coaching tailor-made to support you in specifically achieving the changes you want to make in the different areas of your life: emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically.
  • An initial 90-minute Intuitive Energetic Assessment and Realignment session with Joanne (when requested and not essential),
  • Transformational Life Coaching sessions via phone or Zoom (your preference) and the importance of time between sessions to process steps and learnings and integrate them into your life.
  • A sacred, honouring safe space that I hold for you every step of the way as you work through what is important to you.
  • Practical, empowering practical tools and resources to support your journey
  • The importance of Conscious maintenance of the new shifts and way of being you are creating.

What would you choose to transform if you had supportive, practical guidance to achieve what you would want for yourself: spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically?

Are you experiencing:

  • Self-doubt or a lack of self-confidence in your ability of what you have to offer
  • A lack of clarity about what direction you would like to take
  • Procrastinating and not doing what you would most love to do
  • A sense you are here to do more and be more and not able to get a clear vision of what this is
  • Being limited by old belief patterns and habits
  • Needing practical tools to help you empower yourself
  • Overwhelm and a lack of organization in your everyday life
  • Difficulty in managing your emotions
  • Being entangled by unhealthy choices you may have made for yourself
  • Financial Challenges and you want to improve your relationship with money

Do you feel:

  • You would like to improve your Career so you can be the greatest version of yourself
  • You are looking for tools to move yourself and your life forward
  • You would like to take your Counselling or Therapy practice to a more empowering level
  • You lack motivation, are uninspired and desire a fresh perspective
  • Something needs to change in your life and you don’t know what it is or how to do it
  • You lack joy in your life and wanting more fun
  • You are not deserving of the best life has to offer
  • Disconnected from your essence and life purpose
  • You want to make a difference in the world and not sure what steps to take You have a vision waiting to be lived out in your life and you are here for a reason. The world is waiting for more you and your unique energetic blueprint, so you can be all that you want to be with and for yourself and others.

This is YOUR TIME to invest in yourself and to receive the guidance and support that is tailored to your unique set of circumstances.


I am here to help you:

  • Come home to your inner knowing and truth
  • Acknowledge the key desires of your heart and what it wants
  • Identify what the issues are and what is holding you back or getting in your way
  • Prioritize and gain clarity around what is most important to you
  • Face your fears and create a way forward by addressing each one energetically
  • Honour yourself and to access and trust your inner wisdom
  • Work through any creative blocks, destructive patterns or challenging relationships
  • Release what no longer serves you or is unhealthy for you
  • Reclaim what is truly yours and anchor this in embodying ways
  • Create a new relationship with money and manifest more abundance in your life
  • Experience joy, flow, and creativity so your Spirit can express itself freely
  • Learn important energetic tools to support your energy in your everyday life

What I bring to you:

I have a unique combination of experience, training, skills and gifts which I bring to our sessions. I myself believe in ongoing inner work and I work with a Coach myself so you also get to benefit from my own life learnings and growth which I share with the intention to empower you, so you can be successful and thrive.

When you work with me you are getting a Spiritual Mentor, Transformational Life and Intuitive Energy Coach, House Whispering Consultant and Process Facilitator.

I work with you in an organic, holistic way so all areas of your life can align to create the life you seek that is fulfilling, meaningful and brings you much joy and contentment.

I share with you my own journey of healing and growth and the tools I have found most helpful, practical and transformative to my life.

I share with you how I took a leap of faith and changed my life dramatically with a major decision at 52 years of age and started a whole new way of being and living.

I share with you my powerful life learnings and experiences of living and working in Peru for 11 years and my 6 years of being part of an international Team and working around the world to support and empower others and the rich life learnings that came out of this for me. I start with you wherever you are and from there we build a strong, solid foundation from which we create what you most want.

Wisdom that came to me from Spirit and that I really have come to value and appreciate:

‘I can’t be where I am not. I can only be where I am now and acknowledging this I build from there’.

I invite you to be wherever you are. You get to choose your focus, your pace. Sessions are tailor-made for you.