This is a quote that has been on my office wall for years now.

I love it as it reminds me of life essentials

I am a Spiritual Mentor, Transformational Life and Intuitive Energy Coach and
House Whispering Consultant

How did I get here?

I realize from my own journey I have come to create a life around what is very important to me. For years I took time each year to do an 8 day silent retreat – just me and Spirit and a Spiritual Mentor I would speak to each day about my experiences. These have been some of the most powerful and challenging times on my journey. I came to value immensely the richness of time to be still and listen within to what my soul and Spirit were asking of me, as well as address areas of my life that needed facing, changing or transforming. My love for these retreat times empowered me to become a Spiritual mentor more than 25 plus years ago and to create experiences for others to nurture their mind, body and spirit through providing a safe place for each person to reflect on their journey and to see where they are needing support and tools to help empower them. I see my Spiritual Mentoring as a beautiful way to allow the creativity of Source to soar and express itself within myself and each individual’s journey I facilitate.

I became aware of how important energy was in my life and started learning and studying paying attention to the different nuances of energies that showed up to teach me to listen intuitively within to what needed to be heard and my love of this drew me into bringing this into both my Spiritual Mentoring and Transformational Life and Intuitive Energy Coaching work.

During the past eighteen years I have worked as a Spiritual Psychotherapist – (I am now retired as a Psychotherapist) as well as fifteen years as a teacher to Spiritual Psychotherapists and Spiritual Mentors in training (2004 – 2019) I came to see there were many aspects of healing beyond the sessions with clients that I had not even considered. A huge awareness and learning curve for me was when I came across the House Whispering Consultation program facilitated, by Christian Kyriacou. It helped me see the importance of the energy of the spaces we live and work in and how all this is a crucial part of our wellbeing. Everyone goes home to somewhere and if the energies are not supportive to the person, this can impact our lives in so many ways. Our home is an energetic reflection of our inner home. This called me to study in this year long training course and expanded my energetic awareness in ways I had not even imagined. It has really helped me see the powerful transformation that can take place when we are present to what is right in front of us and learn from it. Coming home to the Essence of who we are and the fullness of what we are here to be and do and to know this from the inside-out is at the heart of my work with others.

I am also so grateful to have learned about and trained in RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) with Marisa Peer. I feel this technique has given me other powerful tools I can use in my work with others.

I bring all my skills and learnings of Personal Transformation and Spiritual Development and growth to the table when I work with you.

Is there something showing up right now in your life that needs to be cleared, healed or resolved?

Are you struggling in some area of your personal life or work life and needing clarity?

Are your fears holding you back from sharing your gifts in the world? Is confidence in yourself and your business not as strong as you would like it to be?

I am here to guide, support and empower you in a holistic way to understand and embrace the Mind-Body-Spirit connection so you can align with your Soul’s purpose and highest potential on your life journey. Whether this be for personal transformation and healing, Spiritual Growth and Development or for growing your business in service to others, I am ready to facilitate you:

  • listening to the wisdom within you so you connect with your Soul Purpose
  • creating a clear vision of the life you want from Soul
  • addressing any blocks or challenges you are encountering
  • embracing your gifts so you can live and express more fully the light you are
  • accessing practical, valuable content and tangible tools
  • developing a step by step plan to support you in getting from where you are to where you want to be.

I am here to be of service to you, if you feel this kind of support and mentorship would be helpful to you on your journey

You can contact me for a free 20-minute Session via email at: jemorgan19@hotmail.com
Or connect with me on Facebook.